ADVERTISING: Search and Social

Search and Social

What do you need to drive continual, reliable business growth? You need two things. A product or service that people want. And the ability to reach and connect with those people.

All of the customers you could ever want or need to satisfy your business goals are searching on Google and logging in to Facebook every day.

I use a test and refine process developed over the last decade using both Google and Facebook to create custom targeted audience groups made up of your ideal potential customers.

WEB DESIGN: Marketing Activated

Marketing Activated

I build Marketing Activated Websites which are websites primed to receive and convert your online visitors.

Before writing a bit of code, or designing a single page, with your help and thorough research, I will create a plan that focuses on the types of conversions you want and your business thrives on.

Conversion rate optimization – by continually using analytics and split a/b testing, I focus on visitor behavior to improve the rate at which visitors convert.

Depending on your current website and how it was built, it’s possible that a minor re-design would be all you need to focus on conversions.


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