Take Control of Your Targeting with Facebook Custom Audiences

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Facebook Custom Audiences among other things, let you target your ad campaigns to a warm audience.

What more could you want? Selling anything to people who are already familiar with your brand(warm) is much easier than selling to a new audience.

Using email lists, website activity or interactions on your Facebook page, you can create a custom audience and target precisely the people you choose to in your ad campaigns.

Custom Audiences can also be combined with other targeting options to advertise to through Facebook using interests, behaviors, connections, locations and demographics to narrow and more clearly define the people you are trying to reach.

Possible groups you could target with a Custom Audience

  • past customers
  • previous website visitors
  • current email subscribers
  • someone who’s interacted with your FB page

Running a Facebook Ad promotion targeting just those people about a new product or service will undoubtedly produce superior results over running the same promotion targeting new prospects who possibly have never heard of your business.

On the other side of that, you can use exclusion to build a Custom Audience to avoid wasting ad dollars on people who’ve already opted-in or purchased your promoted product.

Custom Audience Types

Customer Files
Do you have a crm, pos or email list? You can use the customer data you already have to market or re-market to your customers on Facebook. Maybe you have a new product or service that you’d like to tell past customers about.

Website Activity
Using Facebook’s tracking code, called the Facebook pixel, you can track users specific action on your website and create custom audiences based on those actions as long as they are signed into Facebook.

An example for creating a custom audience using the Facebook pixel on your website could be a visitor who added your product to their cart but then left your website before completing the purchase.

Using data collected from the pixel, you could build an audience and specific ad sets that remarket to them on Facebook and Instagram.

Mobile App Activity
Facebook has a software development kit SDK which operates like the Facebook pixel for mobile apps. Developers and Marketers can use the data collected to build custom audiences based off of events and specific actions their users take.

Facebook Engagement
There is no need to set pixel or SDK to utilize the Engagement Custom Audience as the tracking is already built in to Facebook and only includes information and actions on Facebook.

Target your ads based on engagement with your Facebook page such as people who took an action on your ads or posts, clicked on a CTA call-to-action button, saved some type of content from your page or sent a message to your page. Other targeting options include partially watched videos on your page, unsubmitted forms, and/or fullscreen mobile experiences.

With Facebook’s Custom Audiences you get to bring your own customer data sets and apply them to their network essentially opening up virtually unlimited custom targeting opportunities to fit any campaign or business objectives.

Improving ROI, increasing conversions, and finding new customers are just a few of the ways Facebook custom audiences can help dramatically improve your Facebook and Instagram ad campaign success.